A healthy lifestyle

Everything you wanted to know about healthy lifestyle

According to WHO and the UN Population Department, the average life expectancy in the world is constantly growing. Let's clarify that data is now available only for the "pre-coronavirus" period, but with the population of the planet Earth over 7 billion people, the death of even several hundred thousand people is unlikely to significantly change the statistics.

However, lifestyle and environmental conditions do not cease to affect human health. Today we will dig a little deeper into the topic of a healthy lifestyle and understand its aspects.

A healthy lifestyle (HLS) is a skill that consists of the ability to perform special actions (or, conversely, refuse to perform them) aimed at preserving and improving health and preventing diseases.

We have the power to regulate the processes that affect our health. Creating a healthy lifestyle is not something super-complicated. There are simple rules for introducing a healthy lifestyleo

We live in one of the most" lazy " periods in human history. We have access to an infinite number of benefits that we can't even always use because of time constraints. We are subject to stress and depression, worry about trifles, are afraid to act, lose confidence. How to improve your physical and mental resilience in this situation?

Give yourself a seven-day challenge! Share your results and observations on social networks and send them to us – we will be happy to support you 💪

Maintaining the health of the body, its systems and functions consists of a lot of different factors and actions. It can take years to figure this out on your own. But we have tried to collect the most up-to-date and up-to-date information about everything related to health in our new online program "Human health". This program will help you

Healthy lifestyle includes many different aspects. In this newsletter, we will not fully cover the topic, but we will try to set the direction so that you can learn and implement new knowledge yourself

Understand the mechanisms and features of each system of the body and learn how to maintain them in good shape and excellent condition.